Monte Alban 5.
Litography. 15 x 20 cm. 2007
Monte Alban 3.
Litography. 15 x 20 cm. 2007.
Monte Alban 1.
Litography. 15 x 20 cm. 2007
Monte Alban 4.
Litography. 15 x 20 cm. 2007.
Monte Alban 2.
Litography. 15 x 20 cm. 2007.
Litography. 56 x 45 cm. 2009.
Litography. 56 x 76 cm. 2009.
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Nothing holds Fernando Aceves back. He delves into a danger filled forest the same way that he plunges into a sinkhole or explores an archeological zone. His creative power captures it all in color. He breathes life back into in to the static, into the seemingly inert. But where his curious spirit reaches unimaginable heights is when he pierces through time, making it his own and bringing back works of human creativity from the past. An archaeologist of painting, he probes unfathomable mysteries of disappeared people to bring us the face of a god, a human or an animal that had been entombed by earth, dust and time.

The irreverent Fernando breaks through the boundaries of life and death to enter a world where the image captured by the artist becomes a mirror. A reflection that shows us the faces of the past in powerful, eloquent color, faces bought back through intellect, creativity and the vital force that simply transforms it into a work of art….

Dr. Eduardo Matos Moctezuma

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